What is Physiotherapy

A common question for people that have never visited a physiotherapist is the very basic question of “What is Physiotherapy?”. Physiotherapy encompasses rehabilitation, injury prevention and health fitness/promotion. Physiotherapists have deep knowledge of how the body works and specialized hands-on clinical ability to assess, diagnose, and treat symptoms of disability, injury and illness. Physiotherapy includes rehabilitation, as well as promotion of health/fitness and prevention of injury. Physiotherapists mostly work in teams with other health professionals to assist meet a person’s health care needs.

A physiotherapist, or physical therapist, works with patients to help them manage pain, balance, mobility, and motor function. It uses physical approaches to promote, maintain and restore physical, psychological and social well-being, taking into account variations in health status.You may have been referred to one after a car accident, after surgery, or to address low back pain. Physiotherapists study the science of movement. They learn how to pinpoint an injury’s root causes.If you’ve ever had an illness or injury that impacted your ability to move or carry out daily tasks, your doctor may have referred you to a physiotherapist to get you back on your feet.

Physiotherapy can be defined as a remedy method that focuses on the science of movement and assists people to restore, maximize and maintain their physical function, strength, motion and overall health by addressing the major physical issues. Physiotherapy as described by World Physiotherapy is a health care industry careful with human movement and function and maximizing physical potential. Most people at some point in their lifetime will work with a physiotherapist. Physiotherapy can also help rehabilitate your body from other accidental injuries such as soft tissue, fractures and sprains injuries continued in day-to-day life.

Physiotherapy assist to restore function and movement when someone is affected by disability, illness or injury.The heart of the physiotherapy expert is understanding why and how function and movement take place. Physiotherapy is anchored in movement sciences and target to develop or restore function of various body systems Physiotherapists provide support,  rehabilitation and prevention for people suffering from injuries and diseases that affect the lungs and heart, such as asthma.Physiotherapists work in concert with other healthcare specialists, and physicians may advise a course of physiotherapy after an injury, hip replacements, surgery or such health issues as heart attacks or strokes.

Increasingly, as a outcome of changes in health care, people are referring themselves directly to physiotherapists without previously seeing any other health care expert. Physiotherapists are specialist in function and movement who work in partnership with their patients, helps them to overcome movement. People are oftentimes referred for physiotherapy by doctors or other health and social care specialist. Physiotherapists expert have variety of techniques, depending on the kind of the problem or injury they are treating. Physiotherapists are specialist in maintaining and developing people’s Capability to function and move throughout their lives.